Tuesday – February 18, 2020

H2Option Vision

Our vision is a Wisconsin and the Greater Milwaukee area with fresh, clean, reliable water resources provided by a highly trained workforce.

H2Option Mission

To provide the water industry with highly trained workers to help meet the workforce demands in water occupations by using partnerships between business, industry, and academia. This will be accomplished with the creation of career pathways through associate degree and certificate programs.


In 2009, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was designated by the United Nations as a Fresh Water Global Compact City, making it one of only two Global Compact cities worldwide that have a water quality focus. As a result of this designation, and in response to the workforce needs of over 120 southeastern Wisconsin water technology businesses, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and a regional partnership of Technical colleges and universities, workforce investment boards,K-12 systems, and water-driven industries and businesses researched occupations and specific academic knowledge and technical skills essential for individuals to work in emerging water technology occupations.

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Campus VP-Bonaparte

"The H2Option is a unique collaboration between industry and academia that will help meet the demands of a growing fresh water field. Careers in STEM-related fields in the water industry will support future generations of both people needing career preparation in the field and the final consumer of water, our more previous commodity.

MATC is thrilled to be a partner in this effort."

Dr. Wilma Bonaparte, Principal Investigator and Vice-President,
MATC, Mequon Campus


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MATC' s H2Options project is funded through a grant provided by the National Science Foundation that supports research, education and training projects in the field of science and engineering.

For more information about the National Science Foundation, visit www.nsf.gov.