Sunday – January 21, 2018

Textbooks For Sale

Access the list of available textbooks books for sale (only MATC students are able to access this link) or sell your textbook.

Available Textbooks for Sale List Sell Your Textbook


The textbook selling system has been moved to Google Forms. If you have any questions please contact student services at



My listing has been removed. What happened?

Your listing will expire at the end of this semester. If you would like to relist it, please use the Textbook Selling Google Form.

How do I remove my listing after I've sold my book?

After your book is sold, please contact student services at to have it removed.

Why can't I view the available textbooks for sale lists?

Only those with a MATC email may access the available textbooks for sale lists. Please ensure you are logging into gmail using your MATC provided email ending in Once you log in, you will be able to access the list.



The Office of Student Life/MATC is not responsible for condition, completeness, price, etc. for books listed on this site. And is held harmless in the transaction of buy/selling of any book.