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Animation (2019-2020)

Associate in Applied Science Degree
School of Media and Creative Arts / Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Career Cluster

Downtown Milwaukee Campus 

Program Code: 10-207-1

For Information: 414-297-6433
Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-MATC

Overview — MATC’s unique facilities and the program's innovative curriculum offer a comprehensive background in animation.

You will select either the 2D Animation or the 3D Animation emphasis. Portfolio reviews in several courses are designed to assist you in compiling samples of your work and initiate a job search.


Career Pathway — This program features exploratory courses that count toward a credential. Contact an MATC advisor for information.

Career Outlook — The career potential for animation is excellent; 2D and 3D animation are being used in more industries and in more ways. From visualization of architectural spaces to video games to effects in movies, animation is expanding.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Create an animated asset for a product
  • Build assets suitable for export and/or rendering to target platforms
  • Apply fundamental artistic concepts to the 3D environment
  • Implement project management skills


Admission Requirement

  • A high school diploma or GED


Possible Careers

 Character Designer  Animator 2D/3D
 Background Designer  Industrial Product Designer
 Background/Environmental Designer  3D Modeling Specialist
 Character Rigger  Commercial Animator
 Medical Animation Specialist  Legal Animation Simulation Specialist
 Texture Artist  Cartoon Illustrator

Related Programs

Computer Simulation and Gaming
Front-End Web Developer
Television and Video Production


Start Dates: August/January
Sixteen-week terms.
This program will transfer to one or more four-year institutions.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements. 

TECHNICAL COURSES                                                                                                              Credits  

( ) = Semester Order for Full-Time Students



(1)  ANIM-101

Basic Drawing for Animators




(1)  ANIM-104

Principles of Character Development




(1)  ANIM-106

Principles of 3D Animation




(1)  CSG-115

CSG Production Lab




(2)  ANIM-156

Broadcast Animation ‡




(4)  ANIM-150

Advanced Animation ‡




(4)  CSG-119

Interactive Simulation Displays ‡




(4)  ANIM-160

Animation Portfolio ‡



  Students choose one emphasis:      


(2)  ANIM-121 Intermediate 2D Animation ‡ 3  

(2)  ANIM-114 Storyboard Pro ‡ 3  

(2)  ANIM-110 Digital Life Drawing 3  

(2)  ANIM-124 Animation Layout and Design ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-133 Advanced Conceptional Design ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-131 Advanced 2D Animation ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-138 Animation for Game Development ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-141 Acting for Animation and Lip Sync ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-111 Intermediate Digital Life Drawing ‡ 3  


(2)  ANIM-120  Environment and Set Design ‡ 3  

(2)  ANIM-125  3D Modeling ‡ 3  

(2)  ANIM-180  Digital Cinematography ‡ 3  

(2)  ANIM-140  Timelines, Keyframes and Kinematics ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-115  Refining the Character ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-130  3D Simulations and Illustrations ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-145  Intermediate 3D Animation ‡ 3  

(3)   ANIM-135  Character Expression and Lip Sync ‡ 3  

(3)  ANIM-165  Motion Analysis for Animation ‡ 3  








  (or) Any 200-series ECON course    

ENG-151 and

Communication Skills 1‡



ENG-152 Communication Skills 2‡ 3  

  (or) ENG-201‡ and any 200-series ENG or
SPEECH course

MATH-107 College Mathematics ‡ 3  

  (or) Any 200-series MATH course    


Science of Technology



  (or) Any 200-series NATSCI course    


Psychology of Human Relations



  (or) Any 200-series PSYCH course    


Contemporary American Society



  (or) Any 200-series SOCSCI or HIST course    
  TOTAL CREDITS: 70      


‡ Prerequisites required.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

For course descriptions, class times, locations or to register online, visit INFOnline.

NOTE: Students who have not been accepted, or have not decided on a program, may begin with GENERAL STUDIES courses, if course prerequisites have been met.
Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.

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