Sunday – February 23, 2020

Register For Classes

Registration is the process of signing up for a class or classes. The following students are eligible to register for MATC classes:

  • Continuing students
  • Non-program students
  • New non-program students
  • New associate degree and technical diploma students who have completed the admissions process
  • Students who have stopped attending for at least one semester must be readmitted through the Admissions Office before registering.

Register through one of the following ways:

Register Online Register in Person

( New students: call 414-297-7900 for assistance)


New Requirement for Students Taking Online Courses

To help our students succeed, all students who register for an online course for the first time at MATC will be required to complete the Online Student Readiness course (COMPUB 798), which provides skill development on a number of topics that are essential to online learning success. Subject areas include working with Blackboard, INFOnline, MyMATC and Gmail, time management and online learning best practices. The course is self-paced, takes between 4.5-5 hours to complete, does not have to be completed in one session, costs $4.50, and is eligible for financial aid. This course is available now. See Summer and Fall course availability in INFOnline.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact MATC's Distance Learning Office at


Related Registration Information

Updates to your demographic information should be made immediately after the change occurs. Information that should be updated includes:

  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Change of phone number

Change of Address - Change your address through INFOnline.

Change of Name - Change your name at a Welcome Center at any campus. You will need a valid Wisconsin ID.