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Tuition and Fees


Estimated Costs Per Semester (FY2020)

Associate Degree and Diploma

3 credits

6 credits

12 credits

15 credits


462.90 925.80 1,851.60 2,314.50

Four-Year College Transfer

3 credits

6 credits

12 credits

15 credits


607.20 1,214.40 2,428.80 3,036.00

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Important: Tuition and other fees for the 2019-2020 semesters are subject to change. Fee amounts are available when you register. Fees for tuition and material fees for instructional materials consumed by students and instructors are required by s. 38.24, Wis. Stats. Material fees are to be charged to all students on a uniform basis unless exempted by state statute, administrative code or State Board action. The specific fee to be charged for each individual enrollment shall be based on the material fee category assignment of the instructional area and it is assumed to be the minimum in the above estimated cost.

The tuition amounts listed above do not include the $7.50 Student I.D. fee, $7. 00 Student FastCare Healthcare or costs for books and miscellaneous fees for various courses.


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Payment Policies

Fees are due when you register, or you may use the MATC Payment Plan. Your classes will be dropped if you fail to pay. However, if you need to drop a class, it is in your best interest to do so before the start date of class or during the refund period to qualify for a credit to your financial account.

Cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card are accepted.You may register in person at any of the four MATC campuses. Online registration is available to continuing students only, through myMATC/INFOnline.

If you have an approved financial aid award, your fees will be deferred until payments are authorized. If you haven't been awarded financial aid and you have registered for classes, review the Financial Aid Payment Option for eligibility criteria to defer tuition payment.

If you choose to enroll in the payment plan option:

  • You must be registered for three or more credits.
  • Complete and sign a payment plan agreement form.
  • Pay the $30 participation fee plus first installment.

Student-Initiated Refund Policy

These calculations will be made for you. The percentage of the refund is based on the start date of the class.

Spring and Fall
15-and 16-week courses
Day and Evening Class Refunds

Summer and all other courses
less than 15 weeks -
Day, Evening and Weekend Class Refunds

When the class is Dropped: Refund:

Before the class begins 100%

From calendar days 1 through 12 80%

From calendar days 13 through 25 60%

After calendar day 25 None

When the class is dropped: Amount of refund:

Before the class begins 100%

Before 11% of scheduled class is completed 80%

From 11% to 20% of scheduled class completed 60%

After 20% of scheduled classes is completed None


Miscellaneous Fees

Online/Hybrid course fees are $10 per credit. (A minimum of $10 is charged for less than 1 credit.)

A $10 per-credit fee is included in College of the Air course fees. It is refundable if you withdraw before classes begin.

A $15 graduation fee is required for those graduating from associate degree, technical diploma, Adult High School diploma programs and apprenticeships who intend to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Contact the Registration department for current information.

A charge of $8.00 is made for each official transcript of record; same-day (in-person) service is $15 for the first copy and $8.00 each for additional copies.

There is a $7.50 per semester nonrefundable Stormers Pass (Student ID) fee and a $7.00 per semester nonrefundable Student FastCare Healthcare for students enrolled in 1 credit or more.

There is a $5.00 per credit Transportation Surcharge that subsidizes transportation options for students.

There is a $40 returned check fee for any checks returned by a bank unpaid.

Additional supplies/project fees may be charged for some courses.

Parking fees are $40 for the school year, $25 per semester and $15 for the summer session. At the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, qualified students can receive a reduced parking rate at MATC's parking facilities. At the Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis campuses, ample parking is available for students taking day, evening and/or weekend classes.

Other fees will be charged for such services as the GED test, an advanced placement examination, etc. These fees are subject to change.

An Academic Support Center fee of $2.75 is charged per credit. A Graduation Assessment fee of $.55 is charged per credit. A Student Activity fee of $8.00 per credit is charged for most courses, the chief exception being Personal Enrichment courses. These fees are included in the total fee.

Agency- or Employer-Sponsored Students

Fees are due at the time of registration. If you expect to have expenses paid by an agency or sponsor, you must have the letter of authorization mailed to the campus of enrollment or enclosed with the registration form when applying through the mail. The authorization must state specifically what expenses are being covered. (Example: course fees, textbooks, supplies, etc.)

Tuition and Fees Per Credit

Course #

Course Type

Wis. Resident

Out-of-State Resident


Associate Degree

$152.80 $221.05


Four-Year College Transfer




Technical Diploma




Continuing Education








Personal Enrichment




Adult High School




The total cost of each course is determined by adding the program fee (calculated by multiplying the tuition per-credit rate times the credit value of the course), plus the materials fee (charge for consumable supplies used in teaching the course), plus an Academic Support Center fee, and a per-credit student fee. Out-of-state tuition is an additional fee paid by nonresidents of Wisconsin or foreign nationals over and above the course fee.


Adult High School Fees

The Adult High School Fee is determined by student fee and materials fee calculation per credit - the total tuition is approximately $6.15 - $12.15. The credits shown in class schedules and catalogs for Adult High School courses are Adult High School credits and are not the basis for computing nonresident tuition and student fees. The equated credits assigned to each Adult High School course for fee purposes by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board are vocational credits, and these are the figures used in computing nonresident tuition and student fees.

The credit conversion for 700-799 courses is as follows:

Adult High School Credits


4/5 (.8)

3/5 (.6)

2/5 (.4)

Vocational Credits






Apprentice Fees

A materials fee is charged. Apprentices who take apprentice-related courses do not pay out-of-state tuition.

Basic Education and English as a Second Language Fees

These courses are exempt from the program fee by state statute, but the materials fee is charged when applicable.

Personal Enrichment Course Fees

These fees are established by the MATC Board. The class periods of instruction for 600-series courses have been equated to credits for fee purposes, and in addition a materials fee is charged.

See Exempt Fee Classes, Costs and Eligibility for a listing of current courses that qualify for an Exempt Fee discount.