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  • Basic skills/college prep instruction designed to bring students up to the 12th-grade level in math, English, computer skills, the sciences and more. Many classes are offered through local Community-Based Organizations.
  • A comprehensive Adult High School with a full range of academic, occupational/technical classes and student support services. High school classes are also offered online.
  • General Educational Development Tests (GED) and High School Equivalency Diploma assistance and testing. These are also offered online.
  • English as a Second Language classes for those who need to learn English or improve their English-language skills.
  • The Office of Bilingual Education works with students whose first language is not English and with students who are fluent in English and Spanish or Hmong. We offer courses to help students improve their English skills and obtain their GED certificate in Spanish. We also offer bilingual occupational programs and transitional assistance into bilingual college-level degree and diploma programs. 
  • The Right Path Program provides young adults, ages 18 to 25, who have dropped out of high school and have a parent who is incarcerated or on parole or probation, the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or GED at MATC. The program is currently limited to 25 participants.
  • MATC 5.09 High School Completion Option Program
    (MATC plans to offer a PI 5.09 Program beginning in August 2016)
    This competency-based high school completion option is designed to be completed in two semesters and awards a Wisconsin HSED. In addition, students will have the opportunity to waive courses based on prior learning (test out options, high school credits).
General Educational Development (GED) important update - Significant changes went into effect in 2014 for GED® test; See this link for more information.
Dr. Regina O. Smith (Dean, School of Pre-College Education)

Dr. Smith, Dean of School of Pre-CollegeWith an enrollment of 25,000 students, the School of Pre-College Education plays a crucial role in the community; we help our students prepare for college and the family-supporting jobs that college graduates enjoy.

Many MATC pre-college students do not have a high school degree or come to us with limited English proficiency. We help our students by offering programs that lead to high school graduation. Our longer-term goal is to prepare students for MATC associate degree and technical diploma programs. 

The School of Pre-College Education offers many pathways to academic success, taking students from the first basic steps to graduation and beyond.