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Lt. Governor Kleefisch, DOC Secretary Litscher, and MATC President Martin Recognize CNC Graduates

January 19, 2017

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch joined Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary Jon Litscher, and Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) President Vicki Martin at a graduation ceremony for CNC Certificate Program graduates and their families as they received their certificates of completion today.

Eleven participants, either incarcerated in minimum-security facilities with community privileges or on community supervision, received their certificates after completing the program.

In addition to DOC’s partnership with Milwaukee Area Technical College, DOC is operating a pilot program with Madison Area Technical College to train inmates with work release privileges in Industrial Maintenance. DOC also has partnerships with technical colleges across the state to train inmates in high-demand fields.

Lt. Governor Kleefisch said: “Wisconsin needs offenders to come out of corrections institutions ready to take jobs and become taxpayers.  Inmates like those graduating with CNC degrees today will be able to fill one of the thousands of available jobs that provide family sustaining wages, which also reduces their chances of recidivism.  These programs are all-around wins: they make our communities safer, expand our workforce, save taxpayer dollars, and create dignity and opportunity for these graduates.”

DOC Secretary Jon Litscher said: “DOC is working with workforce development partners to develop and deliver training for inmates in high-demand fields to enable them to transition to independence. With continued support from Governor Walker and the State of Wisconsin, DOC will continue to place a high emphasis on creative solutions that prepare inmates for jobs in the community.”

Department of Workforce Development Secretary Ray Allen said: “Under Governor Walker, Wisconsin has an intense focus on eliminating the barriers to employment that may exist for individuals. Employers are hiring and we cannot afford to have anybody standing on the sidelines. Re-entry program partnerships with the Department of Corrections help ex-offenders find a quality career, which reduces recidivism and makes society safer.”

MATC President Vicki Martin said: "Milwaukee Area Technical College appreciates the opportunity to work in partnership with the Department of Workforce Development and Department of Corrections on this innovative training program. We are proud to provide men and women with access to high-quality education and training that will prepare them for high-demand careers that help meet the region's workforce needs and enable them become active and engaged citizens and offer them a better life."