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Television/Video Production Students Capture Top Two Awards at MCA-I Student Video Cirque

April 14, 2014

Milwaukee Area Technical College students from the Television/Video Production associate degree program earned the top two prizes at the 6th Annual Student Video Cirque, sponsored by the Milwaukee chapter of the Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I). 

Miranda Morn won first prize for My Escape a ‘beautifully written, shot and edited story of a young woman escaping from domestic turmoil through cosmetic make-up. While a cacophony of sounds fade, a young woman loses herself in beautifying her face in a richly textured collage of close-ups, inventive camera angles, music and spoken word.’ 

Adam Lilley finished second for Permanent Brand Permanent Markers, a ‘cleverly written and acted parody-infomercial for an imaginary product. In an homage to 2001, A Space Odyssey, a fast-talking salesman uses a cave man to demonstrate how humans have struggled through the years for a way to make their mark “permanently.” 

Thirty-three entries were received from students at MATC, UW-Milwaukee, Marquette and the Art Institute of Wisconsin. This year’s judges were Bob Donnelly of North American Camera, Lori Lins of the Lori Lins Ltd. talent agency and Robert Whitney, a retired producer/director. 

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