Monday – December 09, 2019

MATC's Pathways to Construction Trades (PaCT) Project Earns Award

MILWAUKEE (Feb. 10, 2012) – Milwaukee Area Technical College's Pathways to Construction Trades (PaCT) Project received a Showcase Award at the 2012 Careers Conference hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center on Education and Work, held Jan. 31-Feb. 1 in Madison. MATC was the only Wisconsin institution recognized at the conference.

Project coordinator Mona Schroeder-Beers, carpentry instructor Bev Sroka and students Byron Speed and Aron Covert accepted the award and presented information at the conference.

PaCT is funded through a Department of Education grant and provides participants with skill development in construction, information on career pathways, and assistance in planning education. The project addresses the impending shortage of construction workers and is designed to increase the number of minorities entering the industry through the development of a short-term technical training program in construction and green skills.

For more information about the PaCT project, contact Schroeder-Beers at