Wednesday – February 26, 2020

MATC and 4C for Children Announce Agreement on Youngstar Education Credits

Since its inception a year ago, many child care providers have been working hard to meet the rigorous requirements of YoungStar. Under a new agreement struck between 4C for Children and MATC, providers that have attended 4C for Children’s introductory child care classes, can now receive valid credits through MATC for those trainings,making those credits applicable towards meeting their YoungStar education requirements. 

"High quality care of the children of our state is essential," said MATC President Dr. Michael L. Burke. "Working with 4C to ensure providers have education and training that prepares professionals to offer high quality care results benefits the young people of Wisconsin."

“This is a major win for everyone” said Jack McCommon, Executive Director at 4C, “MATC acknowledges the high level of education that 4C provides, and will assign college level credits for providers that are working hard to move their rating in YoungStar. We are proud to partner with MATC, and we share their commitment to YoungStar, and to helping increase the quality of child care available southeastern Wisconsin.”

There has been a great deal of discussion about YoungStar since its inception over a year ago. Wisconsin now has some of the highest standards for those providers participating.

“We have recognized the challenges many of our providers face in meeting the high bar set in YoungStar for professional development,” said McCommon, “Most of our providers give us feedback that the education requirement continues to be the single most difficult challenge for providers to achieve. This partnership between MATC and 4C is our way of telling the providers that ‘we have heard you.’”

Students who successfully complete 4C’s “Introduction to the Child Care Profession” and “Skills and Strategies for Child Care Teachers” can receive three credits for their work. To participate, students must enroll in MATC’s Early Childhood Education program.

“YoungStar is new, and we will continue to learn how best to serve the needs of our provider partners," said McCommon. "Ultimately our goal is to help remove obstacles for child care providers. This is a great example of how working together, we can accomplish that. MATC continues to demonstrate strong leadership with partnerships like this.”

4C for Children is a non-profit organization based in Milwaukee. Founded more than 40 years ago, 4C provides resource and referral, training, consulting and support services to childcare providers in a 6 county region of Southeast Wisconsin. 4C has been frequently recognized by the State of Wisconsin, the City of Milwaukee, and other organizations for its outstanding commitment to providing the highest quality of services to the communities in which we work.

For more information, contact 4C for Children at 414-562-2650.

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