Sunday – January 19, 2020

A smart way to save on your education

Graduates from MATC are ready to transform their lives without being crushed by student loan debt.

MATC is the region's most affordable college education option. Through our four-year college/university transfer programs, students can complete the first two years of a four-year degree at MATC, making a bachelor's degree more affordable. MATC graduates typically have less student loan debt than four-year college graduates.

Cost of College

(2018-19; one year, full time; 30 credits with fees for Wisconsin resident)



matc key

MATC: $4,515
(Associate degree or technical diploma


matc transfer key

MATC: $5,934
(Four-year college transfer program)


uw key

UW System four-year college/university (minimum): $7,389


private key

Private and out-of-state public four-year institutions (2017-18 average): $30,180


(Source: Wisconsin Technical College System)