Tuesday – October 17, 2017



The commercial landscape of southeastern Wisconsin is shaped by MATC graduates who have developed their skills in a wide variety of programs. There is great flexibility in course scheduling and delivery.



Students prepare for careers that help keep the region healthy. Hands-on training in numerous medical settings, along with classrooms and labs give MATC graduates a distinct advantage. We are committed to ensuring students receive training in the latest technology to fortify their careers.Students are admitted through a petition process.

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Diverse, engaging educational opportunities and transfer options are hallmarks of MATC’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Strong partnerships with colleges and universities across the country allow students to transfer credits en route to a bachelor’s degree.



The next generation of ingenuity is learning at MATC. Our School of Media and Creative Arts provides a canvas for students to design their future. Instructors share their occupational experience in a range of industries which complements the technical skills that are practiced every day.



MATC’s Pre-College Education offers many pathways to academic success, taking students from the first basic steps to graduation and beyond. Students prepare for college and the family-supporting jobs that college graduates enjoy.



Academic programs in the School of Technology and Applied Sciences put people directly to work. Practical skills and emerging technologies prepare students for careers that help sustain the region.